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As we continue to work to bring the community good local news, here at TALON we continue to see the effects of the Federal Tax on newspapers. This 32% tax is disguised as a “trade tariff”, but it only affects newspapers as it is aimed squarely at the paper we print on.

The dozens of local journalists which work to bring us the news of our community appreciate the many citizens who have stepped up to help. They have renewed or purchased subscriptions on line and in mail, have set ad plans for their business, and some have given in other ways to help keep TALON operating during this government action.

We have not reached our subscription goal for June, but are making way. To meet our June goals, we need to ask readers to step up. We have a monthly goal for new subscriptions that will help us regain balance in the face of such an abusive federal tax.

I can’t imagine the uproar if a local feed store were to be targeted with a 30% federal tax aimed at livestock feed. But, that is what we are up against at TALON under the current Washington leadership.

To offset this, we need you, dear reader. To be more plain, we need 300 of you to become print and / or internet TALON subscribers by the end of June.

As you consider your household budget, please consider setting aside a few dollars to support TALON in service of our mission. For less than a cup of joe a day, your subscription will help TALON continue to serve the community for another year.

As you prepare your business’ budget please consider placing some dollars with TALON, we reach thousands of weekly readers from Ignacio to Shiprock, and often for much less than you might think, and our online advertising is included. J.R.


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