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by Patricia Lynn Stuart, TALON

June 12th, 2018 The regularly scheduled Aztec City Commission Meeting went through the the normal practice of reciting Pledge of Allegiance and the New Mexico Pledge which states "I salute the Flag of the State of New Mexico and the Zia Symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures." Roll was called and the meeting aganda was approved. A proclamation was made reconizing June as LGBT Pride Month in the City of Aztec. The Co-Chair of Farmington Pride spoke during Citizens Input saying, "This proclamation means a lot to us. This has never happened in San Juan County" before although attempts have been made. Donald Stage also spoke thanking the commission. Commissioner Mark Lewis has been chosen as the Grand Marshall for this year's LGBT Pride Parade.

Consent Agenda items were all approved including:

Resolution #2018-1088: An action requested by Police Chief Heal was made to have the City Mayor sign Letter of Support for New Mexico Municipal League concerning enhancing safety in public schools as it is the procedure required by the state. Our Police Chief (Heal) in cooperation with New Mexico Municipal League has put together this resolution to work with the New Mexico Legislature to sponsor bills dealing with school safety issues.

Actions Requested by the Economic Development Advisory Board for the approval of two new Advisory Board Members, Jessica Polatty,member at large and Valerie Clowe to replace Brian Bone as member of the "financial community."

An Action Requested by the Finance Department for the write off of uncollected utility accountstotalling $20,241.35 to comply with State Statute 3-37-7.

An Action Requested by the Finance Department to approve the planning document RFP 2018-624 Bohannan Huston Inc. Airport General Engineering Task Order 1, Airport Action Plan and Airport Layout Plan Update and Authorize the City Manager to execute NM Aviation Funding Agreement.

Resolution #2018-1084: An Action Requested by Interim City Manager, Implementing Chapter 8, Article IV. Emergency Ban on Open Fires and Fireworks due to several factors which raise the concern of fire danger.

Resolution #2018-1085: An Action Requested by the Library for Municipal Surplus, declaring certain municipal property not essential for municipal purpose and directing it be sold or disposed. Included are adult and youth books, DVD's and music CD's which are not circulating or are out of date. Revenues will be applied to General Fund/Utility Joint Fund.

Resolution #2018-1086: An Action Requested by Interim City Manager Adopting a Water Conservation and Drought Plan for 2018 to allow immediate implementation until it is incorporated into the Aztec Code via an ordinance which will undergo final adoption in July 2018.

Business Items were all approved including:

Final Adoption of Ordinance 2018-473 Amending Section 8-21 Fire Code, Standards Adopted for purposes of consistency.

Final Adoption of Ordinance 2018-474 Amending the Municipal Code of Aztec, NM, Chapter 4, Alcoholic Beverages. This allows the business license officer the authority to sign off and approve the Special Dispenser Permit Application.

Final Adoption of Ordinance 2018-475 Amending Chapter 25, Section 25-86 Water Conservation Plan, Regulation and Limitations on Use of Water. Due to the confusion in the current City Code Sec. 25-86, this ordinance simply removes any reference to the Water Conservation Plan fro Sec. 25-86 to avoid future conflicts within the City Code once the Water Conservation and Drought Plan has been incorporated into the City Code.

Intent to Adopt Ordinance 2018-476 Amending Chapter 16, Division 3, Section 16-211 Solid Waste Rates. This will raise municipal solid waste service rates by 1.35% due to a contractual agreement with Transit Waste which entails provisions for the Consumer Price Index and increased fuel costs. The increase will be included on customer billing in July 2018.

Intent to Adopt Ordinance 2018-477 Creating of Chapter 31 Water Conservation and Drought Plan. City Staff through investigation has determined that it is more beneficial to incorporate the Water Conservation and Drought Plan into the City Code. These changes to the plan would allow for public input through the standard ordinance approval process and would provide a better legal avenue for a citizen found to be in violation to go through due process.

Intent to Adopt Ordinance 2018-478 Amending Chapter 16, Article IV Utility Fees. This would make any changes to fees require City Commission approval through the ordinance process which allows for public input and review. It provides better transparency to the Citizens of Aztec. The fees which are related to water utility billing will be incorporated into Article IV. Minor omissions were also discovered and require correction within Sec 16-102 and 16-103.

Intent to Adopt Ordinance 2018-479 Amendment to Section 1-12 Mandatory Penalty and Fees; Disposition and Use of Fees. The Aztec Municipal Courts in their review of Chapter 1 and in consultation with Police Department has identified minor descrepancies and the need to update the fine amounts established in Section 1-12.

Resolution #2018-1087 Adoption of the Downtown Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (MRA) Plan. This plan seeks to address challenges facing the downtown area identified in the MRA. While considering many factors, the plan recommends redevelopment projects, implementation strategies, and identifies funding sources. With the tools made available by the NM Metropolitan Redevelopment Code, the City of Aztec will assist in preserving existing buisinesses in the area, expanding the business community, and implement public improvements, to create opportunities for Aztec's Downtown.

Information on Consent Agenda and Business Items was taken directly or paraphrased in brief from the City of Aztec City Commission Meeting Agenda and Staff Summary Reports dated June 12, 2018.


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