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By Pilar Owens



Young Broccoli plants at The Pao Farm in Aztec. - PHOTO-P. Owens- TALON

The Farmer's Market

By Pilar Owens, TALON

Have you ever played the video game Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar? After hoeing, planting, watering, and harvesting, you go to market. There, you interact with characters and sell your produce. You'll use the money you earn to buy supplies from locals. People live a similar reality.

Pauline Pao, a grower in Aztec, showed TALON her fields. Before we looked at the baby broccoli, sunflower, and pea plants, Pao spoke about the Aztec Farmer's Market.

Pao, who is also the manager of the market, Pao said "the average person doesn't really know the labor that it takes to grow food and to bring it to market, and that it is a lot of hours. When you come to market you just see the bounty. Sometimes you forget that it's supported by all this toil and hard work." We need a reality reminder.

At the market Pao said "we can actually interact with the farmer [and] sometimes it puts a face on [our] food." Let's not forget about the fruits and vegetables at the market.

"Everybody is growing something different," explained Pao, "so even though there's squash at the market, there might be five or ten different types of squash." The produce is also fresh because "a lot of the growers pick it that morning or the night before, or the day before, so your food travels a lot lot less. As a result it lasts longer." The benefits of spending money at the market also last longer.

Pao said, "By spending your money at the farmer's market, and, supporting a local grower, that grower is then, probably, taking that money and buying something locally."

If you're ready to experience the Aztec Farmer's Market, you're going to have to wait a bit: The market opens on July 11th at Westside Plaza at 4:30 p.m., and goes to 7 p.m. After that, it runs every Wednesday at the same time and place.

Contact Pauline Pao at 334-3290, or at [email protected], two weeks before you plan to sell, volunteer, or perform music at the market.

Other farmer's markets:

Bloomfield, Bishop's Square: every Thursday 4-6p.m., opens July 12th

Cedar Hill, #2 Rd. 2345: every Saturday 10-2p.m.

Durango, 1st National Bank of Durango: every Saturday 8-12p.m.

Farmington, Farmington Museum: Tuesday 4-6p.m. & Saturday 8-12p.m., opens July 10th


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