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Freedom is Not Free


I am constantly amazed by the support for TALON across the region. We reach readers from Shiprock to Cedar Hill, Bloomfield to La Plata, and across the nation. Here at TALON, everyone, from writers, drivers, printers, to volunteers are grateful to continue the tradition of community news established by Candy 25 years ago.

As always, technology will come and go, and improvements to our live that technology brings are exciting and welcome. Some improvements have been less than ideal in execution, and our community learns as we go to discard those that do not serve the community-family. After nearly 400 years newspapers have proven our place in society. Today, after only a few years of social media and internet publishing, we are beginning to see the holes in those approaches. In the end it is our choices as readers that determine the future of the democracy.

I am pleased to say that in our ongoing effort to establish a sustainable path forward for TALON we have made some progress over the last few weeks. Readers and advertisers all over San Juan County and the country have stepped up with advertising and subscriptions. Those have helped bring us closer to our annual budget goal. To meet our goal this June, we will need to book 100 print or 200 internet subscriptions.

This will not completely offset the news print paper tariff (a 32% tax ) targeting newspapers, but, it will move us toward the goal and allow us to contnue serving the community. We are considering all options.

While the internet or another media may offer “free” advertising, these outlets are not required to adhere to journalistic standards of truth, nor do they spend and sponsor to support the local community. Choose wisely. Although TALON remains a free publication today thanks to sponsors and advertisers, true freedom is not free.


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