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I had a wonderful moment yesterday when I found my smart phone. It had been missing most of the day and I was beginning to feel very anxious after my boyfriend, Jim, and I couldn’t find it. He tried calling and texting my phone, but there was no response. Finally he was able to locate its whereabouts on a Google Find map. So we rushed over to the site as it was getting dark. We found the address as seen on the Google map. We went to the door and knocked, hoping to be very lucky and recover my phone. To make a short story shorter, among the adults who came to the door, was a young man, Tim Montoya. He had rescued my phone which I’d lost that morning while picking up mail. Thanks to modern cell phone technology and a very nice , honest young man, I have my smartphone back. Thanks again, Tim! And thank you, Jim Dahlberg, for being my very nice, very smart, boyfriend.

Nancy Hamilton, Cedar Hill


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