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By Kirk Carpenter


A Look Ahead to 2018-2019 School Year-Part 2


Pre – School is coming to our school district for the first time. We will have eighty slots of half day pre-school open on a first come first serve basis. Registration times and locations will be opening soon so watch for them in the Talon as well as other outlets. We are very excited about this program and thank the Public Education Department for the opportunity, as it was through a competitive grant that we were able to get the funds to do this. Our exceptional Programs Director Mr. Acrey did an outstanding job on the application and we want to thank him for his hard work in making Pre-School possible for our district. We will have 40 slots available at both Lydia Rippey and McCoy Elementary school. Starting times and other details will be made available later as summer begins. If you have questions about this program you can call our Exceptional Programs Office at 334-3695.


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