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By Jacque Ritchie

Slushpuppy Fundraiser


Paco and Casey's parents are presented with checks from the fundraising effort. L-R: Jamie Lattin, Danish Salim 7/2/11, Johnny Franco Slushpuppie, Paco Fernandez, J.R. Sykes TALON .-PHOTO-J.Ritchie-TALON

During the first quarter, seventeen regional 7/2/11 stores partnered with B&H Wholesale, TALON, Daily Times, and Navajo Times to raise money to benefit the families of the two victims of the Aztec High School tragedy. Starting on March 12 through May 11, 25 cents from every Slushpuppy sold went into the fund. During the effort over 36,000 drinks were sold raising a grand total of $9,200. B&H Wholesale Branch Manager Johnny Franco said, "I just really want to thank the customer's of 7/2/11 for all the incredible support." Franco explained that B&H Wholesale paid 12.5 cents per Puppy and 7/2/11 paid 12.5 cents, "That first month it was a little slow, but when word got out things really picked-up...the community wanted to help and ultimately we raised a lot more then we ever expected." Franco said that 7/11 stores from Many Farms, Arizona to Ignacio, Colorado and all over San Juan Couhty participated. "I really want thank all the stores that participated and to give a big shout-out to (7/2/11 owner) Sam Salim for all the incredible support."

Emotions ran high on May 31, as Franco and Salim presented checks to parents, Francisco 'Paco' Fernandez (Paco's dad) and Jamie Lattin (Casey's mother) at the Aztec 7/2/11. Looking solemn, Ms. Lattin said she was, "very grateful" but could not manage more. "I shouldn't be here! This shouldn't be happening," said Mr. Fernandez fighting back tears. Friends and supporters in attendance hugged and comforted each other as they spoke about going forward. In his son's memory Mr. Fernandez is spearheading a community anti-bullying campaign. "The money from this and future fund-raising events will be seed-money to help to make Aztec kids safer." Fernandez is working concert with the Aztec Boy's and Girl's Club to implement the fledgling program, "The people at the B&G Club have been incredibly receptive and we really appreciate all their input," said Red a friend/supporter. On June 9, the Paco Fernandez Memorial Cruise will commemorate Paco's 18th birthday and kick-off the anti-bullying campaign. Custom hot-rods, low-riders and club or independent motorcylce riders will gather at AHS at 8:30 a.m. rolling out 10:30. The route will circle down to Bloomfield through Farmington pass by Memory Garden's (where low-rider's will do a dance) ending at Riverside Park.

EDITORS NOTE: In our June 1st TALON, (Slushpuppie Fundraiser, pg 5) a typographical error was made in the spelling of "Fernandez" which was mistakenly printed "Hernandez". We at TALON apologize to the family and community for the error. Jacque Ritchie & J.R. Sykes, TALON


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