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Every year when spring and summer kick into gear, yard sale season also gears up, and the code compliance officer begins the weekly work of tossing numerous illegally placed yard sale signs.

The City of Aztec wants you to have a successful yard sale, and so it's important to understand the p's and q's.

Both City of Aztec and NM Dept. of Transportation do not allow signs in the public right of way. Offsite temporary signs placed on private property require a permit from the city, and permission from the property owner. This process may take several days, so do not wait, get into the Community Development office and get your paperwork done early.

According to the City of Aztec: No sign shall be attached to any utility pole, light pole, street sign, or public facility, and signage may not block sidwalk, street, or median area. These areas are public property and placing your sign there not only interferes with public safety, your tax dollars are being used to remove them in compliance with the law. If found, the complicance officer will dispose of your sign and may issue a ticket.

There are many inexpensive ways to get the word out without cluttering up our beautiful city. Public bulletin boards, church newsletters, local news paper (TALON ads start at $5 ), and of course the internet offers literlally billions of choices ranging from free to cheap.

For more information, contact the City Compliance Officer at 505-334-7697


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