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The Better Business Bureau Serving New Mexico and Southwest Colorado is Issuing an Alert on Lottery Scams Targeting Senior Citizens

Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving New Mexico and Southwest Colorado are issuing an alert on an increased volume of phone calls regarding sweepstake winnings. Many local consumers have been receiving phone calls or letters in the mail regarding “lottery winnings”. These scams are using the Publishing Clearing House name and brand as a means to earn the consumer’s trust. Consumers are asked by these sweepstake holders to keep their lottery winnings confidential.

These consumers then receive checks in the mail, these checks they receive do not match the company that initially called to announce their winnings. They are then given a number to call regarding the process of receiving the money. In other instances, some are being asked to purchase gift cards, or are being asked to send a check for additional fees. This type of scam is mainly targeting senior citizens.

The BBB urges those to not send out any information when contacted about a sweepstake that you have no recollection of entering. Also do not attempt in cashing a check that was sent via a postal service from a sketchy source (i.e., Publishing Clearing House, New Mexico State Lottery etc.,). Always question whether or not this is a legitimate source, or contact the BBB on any potential scams. Chances are there may be some others who are reporting the same scam.


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