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AHS Commencement 2017-18


After a loooooooooo-ong school year marred with horror and tragedy, graduation time is finally here. The birds are singing, iris’ bloom, and summer smells sweet just around the corner.

In this eventful year, our town, our district, and our students endured more than any kid should. All while simply in search of a quality public education as provided for in the land of the free and the brave. During a time torn by politicians pitting us against one another left and right.

Despite these and other challenges, these men and women soldiered on, faces grim, but determined. Our town proudly watched these youth march into adulthood on Friday.

I couldn’t have been prouder if they were my own kids.

My salute to the graduating class of 2017-18, to the staff, administration, and citizens in Aztec who’ve stepped up in this difficult time and eased the way forward as much as it could be done.

You’all make me proud to be a citizen.


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