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May 22nd, 2018- After roll was called and the agenda was approved at the City Commission meeting, a presentation was given by Guzman Energy, Aztec's power provider. The Guzman Representative related that utilizing mixed resources including San Juan Power, wind, solar and hydro-power to bring lower costs and concern for the environment.

The State Championship Aztec High School Shotgun Team made up of approximately sixteen students was given Citizen Recognition. They participated in the State Championship in Albuquerque, NM on April 28th and 29th, displaying excellent marksmanship and the safe handling of shotguns.

Aztec Police Chief Mike Heal was given Employee Recognition for his dedication to helping protect our kids and making our schools safer. He has put in extra work by making several trips to Santa Fe to meet with legislators and committees on this matter.

City Mayor Victor Snover thanked the employees at the Department of Motor Vehicle in Aztec for being professional and courteous amidst a difficult and busy job.

The Land Use Hearing considering Mr. Rodney Foss’ request for a Zone Change from 0-1 (Office & Institutional District) to C-1 Limited (Retail/Neighborhood Commercial District) for properties located at 118 E. Chaco Street, 120 E. Chaco Street, and 101 S. Church Avenue was discussed at length.

`The City of Aztec Staff recommended denial of the zone change due to concern for the residential area where the properties are located. City Commissioner Sherri Sipe said, "a conditional use permit may be more conducive to the area." A motion was made to deny the Zone Change requested by Mr. Foss and the City Commission unanimously voted to deny the Zone change.


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