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By J.R.Sykes

Service in an Internet World


Technology is so AMAZING! Today, checking your email, text, posting or reading social media, database access, voice mail, pictures, and much more are part of the many services we get with our phones.

Our predecessors might see our modern portable phones as a marvel akin to magic. So, it’s understandable that our youth, and many adults view these devices with a large dose of fascination and deference. Heck, some say that they have replaced god as the “go-to” for many.

Unfortunately, this attitude undermines the client first approach of a successful business. Each week, traveling about the county, I see many employees who seem more concerned with phone service than with customer service. They poke at their phone while good clients stand helplessly looking around for service.

Local businesses have enough competition from on line giants without allowing poor service.

If you are a business owner or manager, I suggest to make it policy, no cell phones in client areas. This tiny decision, properly implemented will increase sales and customer referrals. Today, a tiny change like this one can be 100% gold.


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