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Last week, I shared with our readers the various increases in expenses which are pushing TALON to make changes such as charging for website access in order to remain viable. In classic fashion TALON readers from all over have stepped up. Classified, Display, and Subscription sales all are increasing, and combined with other upcoming shifts we are confident we can meet our goals with your help. We have not yet met those goals, but are heading in the right direction.

We can’t do it without you, so step right up, get a gift subscription for aunt Mary in far flung Ohio, or book an inexpensive classified reaching half of San Juan County readers each week to finally sell that “collectible”. If you operate a business, consider supporting your local community by advertising with TALON. When you do, you support our work, the work of doing stories when you retire, win, get awarded, your government steals the henhouse, or your kid wins the big game.

Whatever your choice, we appreciate the support and the opportunity to continue the work of building community and democracy.

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