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Wind Power Generation Offers Path to Sustainable Local Economy - "--we're bringing wind power into the Jet Age"


James McCanney at his secret Island lab.

It was announced on April 5, 2018 that New Mexico will receive a national recognition for wind energy leadership by The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Their 2017 Wind Industry Annual Market Report, released at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, acknowledges major achievement and highlight 'growth of wind power, jobs economic and environmental benefits' in New Mexico.

After hearing an Internet radio interview with James McCanney, an inventor of clean eco friendly energy technology; I reached out to him for several phone interviews. With the recent announcement of New Mexico national recognition from the AWEA and future innovations on wind power growth; New Mexico can potentially be the land of enhancement of wind power.

McCanney's diverse life experience included living in Mexico City, New Orleans to attend Tulane University and earn his advanced physics degree; Puerto Rico, New York to teach at Cornell University---then Southern California---now Hawaii. After ten years of teaching physics, mathematics and computer science; he spent 25 years as a Principle Design Engineer in the Telecommunications industry. His inventive instincts and passion then took over and led him to dedicate his energy and personal resources to help solve the 'biggest problems' facing the world by offering a super-efficient wind generator. Due to the unique design to his device, its been patented, trademarked and is more efficient than the existing wind-power technology and products of traditional windmills and three-blade towers used on most wind farms today. "Wings bring lift---we're bringing wind power into the Jet Age", he said.

Throughout history wind has been utilized for energy, transportation and production. Boats on the Nile used sails as early as 5000 B.C., simple windmills in China and woven reed sails were used to grind grain in Persia---all by harnessing the wind. With the persistent work of McCanney--- more than ten years--- has produced an incomparable device to convert wind energy to electricity.

The artfully-constructed Wing Generator has a three-phase capability to produce a constant power output, a controller that works with the power head to regulate the amount of energy and a dump load inverter---if there's excess wind. "It has high-voltage, small, 8-gauge wire/5 kilowatts---no heavy cables", he said. All components are designed for "optimal performance. "It's surprisingly quiet and aesthetically pleasing---birds avoid it because of its colorful aspect." With the weather data and wind maps we now have, it can be optimally-sized/designed for specific applications and locations. McCanney is deeply concerned about the inefficiency, misuse and waste of resources---and our dependence on toxic and potentially-dangerous energy production technologies. He believes his Wing Generator can help solve the energy crisis by using the 'very nature of wind, that is---it's always windy somewhere. He factors in the idea of, "Distributed Energy---meaning the sum total is a constant; capturing wind energy is using energy you wouldn't have had before", he said. In earlier times, "people worked when the wind was blowing"---because the energy was available, but with Wing Generators around the USA we will always have energy". McCanney is eager to put his unique device into use---producing less expensive energy/electricity.

Given, the NM unemployment rate of skilled labor base--- welders, fabricators, electricians--- and numerous vacant buildings and suitable lands suit for manufacturing here--- San Juan County, can potentially undertake the manufacturing and application of the WING Generator. The technology is highly-effective both tied into and off the grid. James believes any dry climate can greatly benefit by his strategy to address the core issues of energy and water. McCanney is looking for an inviting, appropriate location to establish manufacturing and energy production. 2018 is proving to be one of the driest ever--- the timing could be perfect for the WING Generator to come to New Mexico. San Juan County could lead in wind technology by initiating a pilot program utilizing his project. Doesn't it makes sense to use the most advanced, efficient and nature-based technology available? The Four Corners has windy weather; we need more clean energy and water!

Undeterred by skepticism or allegiance to obsolete technologies, McCanney understands that nature and technology merge compatibly--- if we allow them to. His directive is best expressed by the following: "Our mission is the efficient use of wind power as replacement energy, a scalable solution for the farm, the ranch, small communities, eco villages; the goal is to get us off the grid. We can still use the grid, but this allows both...and the large cities can use this technology--- our large scale units will power them--- the time has come."


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