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Effective May 1, 2018, due to pressure from insurance, healthcare, and fuel cost increases, D.C. tariffs aimed directly at the newspaper industry, and changes in the digital world, The Aztec Local News (TALON) has begun charging a fee to read articles taken from our website. We anticipate a third round of tariffs from D.C. soon, so the future holds more changes to TALON rates and structure.

We have taken many steps over the past few years to avoid charging for TALON, but the duplication of costs with creating a digital product in addition to a print product must be offset to secure a sustainable future. The paper news (recycled paper) is still the sustainable segment of the business, and given the preponderance of fake news in the digital realm, we feel its role is more important today than ever.

The next line comes with the risk of being viewed as blasphemy by anyone under 30, but here’s the facts: Having access to a real local newspaper dedicated to the community, is much more important than it being free.

With the generous support of local advertisers, TALON has served the Four Corners community with news and information on academic success & athletics, books, music, theater, parades, fundraising, promotions, births, weddings, elections, laws, and ordinances, water rights, poetry, wildlife, neighborhoods, health, comics, puzzles, obituaries, opinions, and news of environmental, regulatory, job promotions and opportunities, business successes, and more. As advertisers have taken advantage of free ads on the latest boondoggle from “goo/twit/book/o-gram,” or whoever, our ability to serve you has been affected. We hope to continue that work for the next twenty five years, but we simply can not do it for free.

This new website fee is a subscription, and can be bundled (for savings) with a print subscription for delivery to your home via our local mail carriers.

By itself, this effort is not enough to offset 100% of increased costs, but a purchase of a $29 annual subscription will go directly to help us continue our service to you.

Thank you for your support,



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