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Celebration for Seniors

We were able to celebrate with our twenty one honor graduates on Monday April 30, 2018. It was the twenty fourth year that we have had this banquet. Because of the generosity of our community and donors we were able to give four $1000.00 scholarships to four of the honor grads. The Board of Education puts on the banquet, and it is such a nice event. Each year the honor grads and their families get to come and celebrate their accomplishments. As part of the event each honor grad brings an honored guest, someone who has made a big impact in their life. During the event the honor grad explains how their special guest has influenced their life and then the special guest, who is often a former or current teacher shares a few nice thoughts about the honor grad.

We were also able to have our senior awards ceremony on May 1, 2018. It is another celebration of what is right with the world. Our seniors from both Vista Nueva High School and Aztec High School were there and received scholarships and awards from the different departments within their schools. Scholarships for our seniors this year totaled $2,562,461.72. We are very proud of our seniors who will graduate in a few short weeks.


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