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By Kirk Carpenter
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April 27, 2018

We have exciting news. For the first time in our district’s history we have created a Founda- tion in our district. The Aztec Municipal School District Foundation is the only one that is directly connected to our district and is a 501C3. This Foundation is designed to do a few different things: 1) It will provide students with scholarships for college when there is funding available 2) Provide staff with scholarships for continued education that might be trying to become teachers or other opportunities to continue their education 3) Help further and promote the mission of the school dis- trict when it comes to improving student learning for all students and staff. This year we are excited that we will be able to start our scholarship program and award some students with scholarships from the Foundation as we already have money that has been donated into it. The number of stu- dents and amounts have not been determined as of the time of this article, but deserving students will be the first ones to receive the AMSDF Aztec Strong Scholarship to help them with their college costs as a Freshmen.

We have our elected Board and will be meet- ing to further develop the ideals of the Founda- tion. We hope to gain support so people that want donate can do so and help our district. We are in the process of developing a link on our website so that the Foundation will have a separate place for people to gain information about what is hap- pening with the work of the Foundation and ways they can support it. If you would like to donate to the Foundation you can contact our central of- fice at 505-334-9474. We will be planning future fund raiser opportunities and other information regarding the Aztec Municipal School District Foundation.


Each year as a Superintendent, I along with the Deputy Superintendent and the Associate Superintendent of Instruction sit down and have lunch with the Honor Graduates from Aztec High School. This year there are twenty one that will walk across the stage on May 18, 2018 to receive their distinguished diplomas. As we meet with them each year we ask them four questions: 1) Plans for the next year. 2) Where they see them- selves in five years. 3) Strengths of the Aztec Municipal School District. and 4) How we can Improve our school district? We take this informa- tion and try to use it to improve and make changeswhen we can. Too many times we as adults drive educational decisions for our students when they have such great input, so each year we ask them how we are doing, and what are some things we can do to improve. Now we understand that is a small percentage of our students and they are the Honor Graduates, but it is important information for us and we enjoy the sit down conversation and the honest and good feedback that they share with us about their district.

Another event that we have had for our honor graduates is the Honor Banquet that is sponsored by our Board of Education. This is our Twenty Fifth year to hold it. The Honor Graduates and their families are invited to the banquet and all the expense is taken care of through donations from the community and staff members. Another nice touch we have with this event is that each Honor Graduate invites a special guest, which is usually an educator that has made a difference in their life. The special guest comes to the banquet and during the banquet each Honor grad takes a few minutes to talk about their special guest and tells the audience why they selected them and how they have impacted their life. In addition, we also allow the special guest to say a few things in re- turn about the honor graduate. We award Honor Graduates with the Endeavor Scholarship accord- ing to the monies donated towards that. The past years we have been able to award three graduates with close to $1000.00 to help with their Fresh- man year of college.

These two items that I have written about are simple reminders that make me proud to be of our wonderful community and a leader of such a great school district. We are Aztec Strong but most of all WE ARE AZTEC!!


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