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By Jacque Ritchie




April 27, 2018


Mayor Victor Snover called his third city commission meeting to order at six p.m. on Tuesday, April 24. The invocation was led by Erin Treat from the Durango Dharma Center. The pledge of allegiance was followed by the New Mexico Pledge and roll call. Commissioner Sherri Sipe was absent. Mark Lewis motioned for approval of the agenda and Rosalyn Fry seconded.

Boys and Girls Club Director Mike Patch presented a short video that, "sort of captures what we do..." The video featured adorable kids and grateful parents describ- ing their B&G Club experience, one of the parents featured in the video said, "They have an outstanding staff and it's a place that my wife and I know our kids are safe, they have structure but they can have fun too." The Aztec Boys and Girls Club is a non-profit entity that has been around for 45 years and according to Patch serves over 100 local kids ages 6 to 18 daily. Patch thanked the city of Aztec for it's continued support saying that, "we couldn't do this alone." Patch reported the "Mayors' Ball" brought in about $5000 for programs and supplies. Patch produced some disturbing statistics saying, the state of New Mexico was ranked the 49th out of 50 for over-all child well-being (Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2017 Kids Count Database). According to Wall Street 24/7, San Juan County ranks as the 2nd worst place in the country to raise kids. Patch used these numbers to point out the continued need for the B&G Club.

Item VIII on the agenda was Citizen Recognition that brought up Director of Economic Development Steven Saavedra. Saavedra presented the Aztec Spirit Award to the local McDonald's restaurant citing the restaurant's newly completed remodel as an example of civic improvement that deserves recognition. No McDonald's repre- sentatives were present at the meeting to accept the trophy but Saavedra assured those assembled he would make sure the prize was received.

Saavedra kept the podium for the Employee Recognition portion of the meeting. Long-time Code Enforcement Officer Robert Carmen was recognized, Saavedra pre- sented him with a plaque and said, "Code enforcement is not an easy job, people are rarely happy to see you coming." The city also recognized the efforts of street sweeper driver Guy Mylan for his dependable and cheerful service to the community.

A four part Consent Agenda was voted on with one motion and unanimously passed.

Citizens Input was next up on the agenda. San Juan College Building Trades Pro- fessor Zach Pettijohn reminded city law-makers to, "always ask questions..." during the decision-making process. Pettijohn also stressed the importance of maintaining civility during discourse quoting a favorite bumper-sticker, "Question Authority, but Raise Your Hand"

Aztec Animal Shelter Director Tina Roper presented three shelter related busi- ness items all voted on and passed unanimously.

Next the commission heard a Land Use Hearing involving waving/amending height limitations for a proposed structure on property owned by Aztec resident Dan- iel Lawson. Lawson wants to build a shed/carport to house a recreational vehicle on the vacant lot next to his home. After some discussion the commission voted to wave the 12-foot height limit in Lawson's favor and agreed revisit the issue in the future due to the fact that so many newer model RV's are taller these days that the code may need to be formally amended.

Department heads reported all systems are currently working well. The meeting was summarily adjourned.


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