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By Susan Barnes




April 27, 2018

There is so much controversy in the alternative health field regarding diet. I have read and heard over and over again that we all need to be vegan or vegetari- an. What about the Inuits (Eskimos) who have a large diet of meat and fat? Before they started eating a Western diet, they

were much healthier and lived longer. What about the Japanese who eat lots of fish? These are some of the longest lived people.

I have had friends who were vegetarian for many years and found they felt much better after they switched to adding meat to their diets. Obvious- ly, some thrive on these diets, or they wouldn’t be so fanatical. Yet there are those whose health worsens with the same diet. Truth is, no one diet type fits all.

Dr. William Donald Kelley realized that not everyone could fare well on his vegetarian approach for the food foundation of his metabolic pro- teolytic enzyme therapy. So he developed metabolic typing, which Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez continued using in NYC until his passing several years ago. They offered ten different diets depending on the individual.

You, as a spiritual and physical being, need to follow some rules for a healthier life-style. One way is to be in harmony with the Earth. Some sim- ple rules to follow is to eat as naturally as possible. That means take out foods from the diet that contain artificial anything – flavoring, coloring, chemicals of any kind. When working with any of my clients I ask them to eliminate sodas, vegetable oils, and margarine.

A dietary solution for preventing any degenerative disease is to elim- inate all processed foods, and increase healthy fats, such as coconut oil, cold-pressed olive oil, organic whole butters, fatty fish, raw dairy, and or- ganic meat from humanely treated, grass-fed farm animals.

When eating wheat, there are those who insist that everyone stay away from grains of all types all the time without fully examining the issue. There is a difference between healthy grains and unhealthy grains.

Processed grains are synthetically bleached with bromide creating white flour instead of allowing the sun to bleach them. A byproduct of synthetic bleaching, never included as an ingredient, is alloxan, which is used to induce diabetes in lab rats! What is it doing to humans?

But if you look for it, unbleached white flour is available. Even before bleaching, Big Ag’s harvesting and storing procedures for large-scale com- mercial grain distribution are littered with toxic practices including using GMO’s and herbicides. The wheat of decades ago has been hybridized over generations transforming wheat from a 5% gluten content during the earlier 20th century to over 50% gluten today.

Many with gluten sensitivity issues who suffer from celiac disease, irri- table bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal inflammatory conditions feel that they must avoid almost all grains. But many gluten-free products are fraught with unhealthy additives and sugars to make them more palat- able, just like fat-free dairy products are loaded with unhealthy carrageen-

an and aspartame.

What diet should you follow?

Learn to listen to your own body, do your own research, live closer to nature. Your health is in your hands. It is your responsibility.

What is the state of your health? Find a traditional naturopath to as- sist in bringing your body to a state of wholeness and wellness.

For comments and questions e-mail: [email protected] Susan (a nationally certified tui-na practi- tioner and instructor, and certified by ANCB as a Certified Traditional Naturopath) lives in Belize, Central America.


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