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April 20, 2018


I was especially pleased to read J.R.’s Corner and the Commentary Opinion in the April 13th 2018 edition of Talon. I have wondered how long it would take this present administration in Washington to do such a thing. If you readers want to know what I am talking about read the Talon. And yes, by writing this letter the odds of my being put on this list are 100% and they can just kiss my grits. I refuse to remain silent while my rights slip away and SO SHOULD YOU. George Santayna (1863-1952)wrote in his commentary, Reason In Common Sense: The Life of Reason, Vol.1,”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. American people are forgetting the past such as why we fought the Germans in World War II - the loss of our freedoms. Americans are becoming lazy and are letting “others” stand up for what is right. What happens when “others” are no longer there but either locked up in prisons or dead? What happens when YOU are no longer allowed to watch the programs on TV or other electronic device you desire or read a newspaper or listen to the radio or read a book or, God forbid, post what you want on Facebook? What happens when they come for you? Oh you say, Diana is an alarmist or radical or nuts. That’s ok, believe what you wish but remember I warned you. Do something before it is too late like vote. Get out and exercise your right to choose whomever you wish to represent you in the City Commission, the State Legislature or the Federal Legislature. Do it the next opportunity you have which is June. Don’t just sluff it off - you may soon not have that right if you don’t act now. And while you are at it get out from behind those electronic devices and talk to your family or neighbors or friends face to face. You will be glad you did. Freedoms of any kind do not come cheap. Much blood has been shed so that I can write this letter in freedom. The thought of losing this freedom or any other is not acceptable to me and it should not be to you.

D. Mesch, Aztec


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