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April 13, 2018

Property owners at #24 CR 3103 were pulling up a fence post when a spark from the equipment ignited the blaze. Flames roared and smoke billowed as concerned neighbors looked on. According to SJCFD record, at 4:37 pm, multiple fire departments from across the county responded and battled the blaze for several hours, keeping vigil overnight to make sure all embers were extinguished. Ultimately eighteen acres were scorched, and while no structures were damaged many homes were threatened.

Kathy Hensler lives about 500 feet from the where the blaze began, "At first we didn't know if it was a controlled fire or what but then it got down into the trees and we knew, hey, this is bad...When it got to the field it just raced across it, the winds were probably about 20-25 miles per hour." Hensler said several ancient cottonwoods were destroyed, "The bark just exploded, it's very sad." Hensler had high praise for firefighters saying thier efforts saved many homes, "They came up really fast and completely surrounded the perimeter, it was real intelligent firefighting." Hensler said, "Those guys did an incredible job...firefighters just don't get enough credit."

This time of year many people burn weeds to make way for new growth. SJC Division Chief Duane Bair said, "We don't require a permit but we do require notification." In a telephone interview with TALON Bair explained, "The very first thing to do is to call the office for a recommendation and burn instructions." Bair warned that failure to notify the county before burning will result in citation/fines. Bair said his crews have been very busy thus far this season, "Everything is super-dry at the moment...we got a little rain but that didn't help the conditions much." Bair concluded, "A word of caution to everyone who is thinking about burning; use extreme caution and always call ahead."

Contact SJC Central Fire Department dispatch at: (505) 334-1180.

*A big thank you to all the fire fighters, volunteers, crew, San Juan County and BLM, who helped with the fire on 4-8-18. I'm sitting here looking at all the burned and exploded old cottonwood trees we've loved over the years in Blancett wash but all of us in this little hollow know that it would have been so much worse without you. You saved our homes and so much more. - Kathy Hensler


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