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Is Digital really the answer?


Digital publication has become common throughout the U.S. Readers sometimes erroneously believe that newsprint is no longer necessary.

However, U.S. community newspaper publishers cannot support digital (internet or mobile) versions of their newspapers without a printed newspaper.

The hard copy advertising and readership provides more than 90 percent of the revenue that enables the digital newspaper to exist. In other words, without print, there is no online news from the local newspaper.

Also, impacting the question are public notices. Government notices are placed in your paper by law to ensure the broad public knows what government is doing. Another role performed by your local paper.

Today, its almost laughingly simple to place those also online. But, when it comes to providing archivable historic record, the internet does not perform.

Any digital document can be edited after the fact to make it say anything. But, printed documents are not so simple to modify, if even possible, ensuring facts remain facts for years to come.

It is my belief, that digital is an exciting medium, but it is a long way from replacing your local paper news.


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