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By Jessica Sledzinski
Special to TALON 

Why We Teach


There is no denying this is the busiest time of the school year. Sometimes with mandatory testing, discipline issues, and worries about grades we, both the educators and the community, lose sight of why we do what we do. I wanted to share a compilation poem from the Koogler teachers of why we teach. We love what we do, we believe in what we do and we are so thankful that our community trusts us every day with our must important resource, our children.

I teach because it is important work. We are helping our students get the skills they need to have a better future and so they can create a good world to live in.

I teach because I enjoy working with students and watching them learn and grow and become responsible citizens.

I teach because it allows me to help students realize and fulfill their potential.

I teach because working with young people every day gives me hope for the future, and faith in mankind.

I teach to inspire and motivate students to be lifelong learners and problem solvers in the game of life. 

I teach because I care deeply about children, and their need for love, acceptance, and structure to become viable productive citizens in our community. 

Every day is a challenge, I teach students to do their best in the face of these challenges. You have those awesome students who give you a 100% every day, and then there are those who you have to push and never give up on.  Many need a little extra attention; they need to know you care. It is great when you run into them years later and they make an effort to talk to you. 

I love to nurture students’ natural curiosity and excitement in learning, and also teach them how to be respectful and kind, then observe the results.

I teach because learning and discovering never stop!

I love to facilitate learning by allowing students to academically collaborate with their peers. This builds a healthy culture within a classroom that, through engaged learners, launches into the campus, embedded in positive role models.  Learning builds confidence, self-esteem, and empathy which encapsulate the wholesome future of our community, country, and world.  

-The Teachers of C.V. Koogler Middle School


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