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By J.R. Sykes



March 30, 2018

Among the national trade war and tariff stories is a tiny tidbit that no one is talking about but which will affect Aztec and TALON. That is paper tariffs on raw Canadian newsprint paper. Nearly 80% of newspapers in America are printed on imported Canadian paper, including TALON, and US mills do not have the capacity to supply us.

A complaint by a single paper mill NORPAC, located in the West, has Washington swinging the tariff hammer. The tariffs will increase a required raw material cost for newspapers across the country by as much as 50%. This year between January and March, tariffs of up to 32% have been implemented, with more on the horizon. Not many businesses can survive such a large increase in costs.

What could this mean to TALON readers?

If the tariff continues as expected, clearly TALON will have to make some significant changes. It could mean the end of the “free” TALON. It could mean that advertising rates (lowest in the county) may have to change. Forget about “going Online”, we are Online, but the print product carries the Online edition.

From a broader view, the tariffs, may spell the end for many small newspapers across the country, leaving great areas of the country without local news. This does not bode well for democracy as a whole.

We will keep you informed as this develops.


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