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March 30, 2018

24 Years Ago in TALON

March 1994

Paul Horn

• Paul Horn, although recovering from a stroke, is the process of writing the story of his family’s years in Gobernador, Paul and his wife Dorothy live in Farmington. When Wallace and Cora (his parents) moved their family to Bloomfield, Paul went to school in Farmington, but attended Aztec High his Junior and Senior year, graduating in 1929.

20 Years Ago in TALON

March 17-31 1998

Rabbit causing trouble in Aztec- Community Action Required

• During the past two weeks, there have been sightings in Aztec of a rather large, pastel rabbit! The animal was seen buying carrots in the Safeway grocery store. The rabbit also persistently interrupted a City Commission candidate forum held at Aztec City Hall last week seeking its own place on the ballot. He was declined because he had no name.

15 Years Ago in TALON March-15-31 2003

Duct Tape

• Did you know? It would take 1,076,000 square feet of clear high- strength polypropylene plastic, and 51,181 feet of silver duct tape (4 inch wide) to cover the White House.

TEN Years Ago in TALON

March 16-31 2008


•When I first came to New Mexico, I loved sightseeing in Aztec and Bloomfield. Life was a lot like the movie “Dazed and Confused” for young people who lived in the area and I can honestly say I enjoyed living in Aztec. I will miss “the good ole days” but change is unavoidable, inevitable and important.

FIVE Years Ago in TALON

March 16-31 2013

Cogitating with Pam

• Daylight saving time was first proposed in 1907 and became commonly used in 1916 as a wartime measure to conserve coal. In a different vein of thought, I always find comfort in the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, who said: “ The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”


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