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County Commission Honors Aztec Schools


March 30, 2018

County Commission Honors Aztec Schools

by David Edward Albright

The Tuesday, March 20, County Commission Meeting closed with a discussion of a 'Resolution to 'Recognizing the Terrible Losses of the Aztec Schools as a Result of the December School Shooting and Commending the Aztec Municipal Schools, the City of Aztec, and all of San Juan County for its Showing of Support for the Aztec Schools' was addressed by Joe Sawyer, Deputy County Attorney. Aztec resident and sponsor of the resolution, Don Schreiber, plans to attend with his wife the rally in Washington, D.C. in April. The effort is to have "Aztec be part of the national conversation". Commissioner Jim Crowley suggested that the Aztec School Board be included in the Resolution, as they were very much a part of the support team. The Resolution was, thus, amended.

Commissioner John Beckstead said he is "Not ready to jump on board with gun control initiatives---if the Washington Rally includes those". Commissioner Wallace Charley expressed his strong belief that there should be no choice between guns and student safety. County CEO Kim Carpenter was proud of Aztec High School for holding a 'Walk-Up', rather than a 'Walk-Out'. Mr. Schreiber assured that the goal is "To honor the students, not the March."

Melissa Wood, representing Leadership San Juan, requested that San Juan County Commission approve a Proclamation Setting April 1-7, 2018 as Road Safety Week. She said that 28% of accidents occurred because of 'distracted driving', i.e., texting or talking on the phones. The Proclamation components include: 'Hang-Up and Drive', informing the public of a 'Life-Saver App' and Farmington will recognize the week with a 'Slow-Down' initiative. Approval by the Commission was unanimous.

The annual update for the San Juan County Historical Society was presented by Andrea Greenaker. Chairman Margaret McDaniel wished Commissioner Jack Fortner a happy birthday. Under Sheriff Shane Ferrari presented the Law Enforcement Protection Funds request to fund the purchase of 10 Watchguard cameras, at $6500. each for 10 patrol cars, and for Advanced Training, such as specialized preparation for detectives.

Joe Sawyer, handled two agenda items: one with input from County Fire Chief Craig Daugherty, an 'Amendment and Restatement of the County Fire Code-Ordinance #6 and an Amendment to the Employee Handbook-Ordinance #34. Both approved without discussion. The next item, 'Consideration of Renewal of Property/Casualty Insurance' was handled by County Risk Manager, Kristi Galloway, with input from Stan Baker, Kaiser Insurance. The currently 'hot' topic of cyber security was discussed at some length. CEO Carpenter said there are "Billions of dollars of claims every year and the last possible choice is to pay out a ransom. The proposed new coverage was "very comprehensive" , he said and then referred to a recent cyber attack to the City of Farmington, which did have some effect on the County but was effectively thwarted. The coverage will provide extortion protection up to $5 million. Approval was solid.

There were no 'Comments/Input from the general public and no 'Closed Executive Session'.


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