March 30, 2018


Aztec city commission met on Tuesday 3.27.18 in a workshop for the purpose of discussing the Youth Conservation Corps grant application and projects considered for the 2019-2020 season. The list of park improvement projects include two main projects and two alternate projects.

Project 1 is installing new irrigation and turf in SW portion of park and has an estimated budget of $11,500.

Project 2 is repair of old fencing, and installation of new gate and fencing including paint work with an estimated budget of $6,745.

Project Alternate 1 addresses new irrigation and turf in the NE portion of park with a budget of $4,250.

Alternate 2 proposes sidewalk and trail improvements and had no budgeted estimate available.

Budgets for Project 1, Project 2, and Alternate 1 totaled estimates of $22,495.

Final approval of the application and plan will be presented at the April 10 commission meeting. Below is a map laying out the Riverside Park YCC plan for 2019-20. Department recommended commission review and input for future YCC projects.


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