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March 30, 2018

Regular commission meeting was called to order at 6 pm. Invocation was given by Judith McDonald, followed by the pledge of allegiance and New Mexico pledge, and roll call. All Commissioners were present.

Mayor Snover called for agenda approval. Interim City Manager recommended pulling from the agenda item “D - Inter-Governmental Agreement between NM TRD Motor Vehicle Division and the City of Aztec” from the consent agenda, motion to approve with the exception of item D was passed.

Next commission considered a “Proclamation for Road Safety Week,” Mayor Snover reads :

City of Aztec thus proclaimed April 1st - 7th as Road Safety Week. Proclamation read in part: Whereas 37% of all NM fatal auto crashes relate to speeding, and whereas 28% of all auto crashes in NM relate to distracted driving and whereas NM ranks 2nd in the nation for distracted driving crashes, 10th for drunk driving crashes and 12th for speeding related crashes, and whereas the City of Aztec has partnered with San Juan County Office of Emergency Management, fire, law enforcement, and schools to develop events through the county to raise awareness of local road safety programs. Proclamation encouraged citizens of Aztec to participate in these activities and to raise awareness of the challenge facing Aztec and San Juan County.

Next commission heard a presentation from Andrea Greenacre, past President of San Juan County Historical Society.

Citizens Recognition - City Manager recognized the students of Aztec High School who on 3/14 had a walk-up instead of walk- out as well as the 21 Suggestions to Promote Meaningful Change.

Employee Recognition - City Manager recognized these City employees:

Public Works Superintendent, Yvonne Moultine in Public Works department for stepping up and doing a great job during recent transitions.

Greg Mizell, who was promoted to Line Superintendent in Electric Department.

Consent Agenda - With the exception of item “D” which was pulled, Consent Agenda was passed.

Citizens Input - No citizens signed up for input.

Business Items -

A. Lease Agreement for 550 Brewing Company, LLC. Code of Conduct has been added to the agreement, and prior Exhibits A-D are inlcuded. Comissioner Fry asked what the maximum length of time that 550 was to stay in the incubator on the initial agreement? Steven Saavedra responded that this would be an occupancy of three years, and that the new lease term would begin at completion of remodeling and re-opening of the HUB. Motion to approve was made, motion approved.

B. Final Adoption of Ordinance to create North Main overlay district. Ordinance 2018-469 Amending Chapter 26 Land Use Regulations, Article II Zone District and Overlay Regulations to Include the North Main Avenue Overlay District. Motion for adoption was made by Commissioner Fry and seconded. Item B was passed.

C. Intent to Adopt Ordinance 2018-470 Amending Chapter 5 Animals. - Tina Roper, of Animal Control reported that a few minor updates to wording were made, as well as kennel permit wording, and changing city license requirements. Additional definintion was provided to define service animal vs emotional support animal within the city code. Tina reported that the language for this change came from the American Disabilities Act website. Motion to adopt was made by Commissioner Randall, motion seconded and item C passed.

D. Intent to Adopt Ordinance 2018-471 Amending Chapter 16, Article V. Animal Fees. Tina Roper reported that some of the fees were updated within this change, such as boarding fees, rabies observation fees, and creating a special permit for intact animal addressing animals with medical exemptions to spay or neutering. Motion to adopt was made by Commissioner Sipe, item D passed.

E. Intent to Adopt Ordinance 2018-472 Amending Section 1-12-2-3 Specific Penalty Schedule for Animal Fines. Ms. Roper reported the one notable change was to the fine for kennel permit was changed to multiple animal permit. Motion was made to approve by Commissioner Randall, and Item E. passed.

Land Use Hearing - No Challenges to hearing declared. No conflict or biases by Commission members were declared. No ex parte matters by Commission members declared. All persons involved with the hearings were sworn in.

A. CUP 18-01 Conditional Use Permit to allow a recreation vehicle (travel trailer) to act as a temporary secondary residence (1 year). Josh & Katie Jarvis as applicant. Saavedra reported this as a conditional use request (not a variance) to allow a temporary travel trailer dwelling at or behind 412 S. Church. Staff recommends approval. Mr. Jarvis has asked City for hardship exemption to code. Staff has looked at request and evaluated the location. Motion to approve by Commissioner Randall, and Item A passed.

B. CUP 18-02 Conditional Use Permit to allow for the manufacturing and brewing of beer. Sean Paschall applicant. Saavedra reported this permit was necessary as the specific use of manufacturing of alcohol was not listed as a use by right in city zoning code within the C1 district where the property sits. Staff recommends approval. Commissioner Randall asked how this plays into 550. Per Saavedra, the applicant has indicated to staff that 550 is expanding. Churches and other residents have not taken issue with the permit. Applicant Sean Paschall testified that this was one step in moving the current 550 brewing operation from the County into the City of Aztec, that the plan is to bring a restaurant into the location with the brewery. Floor was opened to speak on behalf of the item with none present. Motion to approve by Commissioner Sipe, and Item B passed.

Reports by City Manager, Commisioners, Attorney and Departments were made.

Meeting Adjourned.


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