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and a child shall lead them. - Isaiah 11:6


March 23, 2018

........... and a child shall lead them. - Isaiah 11:6

I am SO PROUD of this community’s youth!

Last week, our AHS students showed both leadership and maturity stepping up in the face of pressure both locally and nationally. These young adults should make us very proud, not only stepping out to make their voices heard, but by offering twenty-one useful suggestions to promote meaningful change.

Our youth offered twenty-one ways to connect with each other, with neighbors, and with the larger community. Ways to begin the dialogue and effort required to heal. Powerful stuff. Stuff that recognizes the problem as a social problem with many facets, not the oversimplified “guns vs no guns.”

Our political leadership could take a tip from these child leaders. Instead, our leaders choose to continue the focus on donors, and delay.

Our families and children deserve better. Our communities deserve better. Midterms are coming, and I suspect the wrath of the youth and family voter will be evident. In the meantime, our youth are showing the way. My hat’s off to you.

Now it’s up to the adults to make sure the elected leaders know our minds. Call, Write, Email.


Tom Udall

Phone: 202-224-6621

Twitter: @SenatorTomUdall

Martin Heinrich

Phone: 202-224-5521

Martin Heinrich

Phone: 202-224-5521

Twitter: @MartinHeinrich


Michelle Lujan Grisham - District 1

Phone: 202-225-6316

Twitter: @RepLujanGrisham

Steve Pearce - District 2

Phone: 202-225-2365

Twitter: @RepStevePearce

Ben Luján - District 3

Phone: 202-225-6190

Twitter: @RepBenRayLujan


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