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March 23, 2018


I wanted to express my appreciation for the quick and effective action taken by Eddie Farley of Enterprise Products to address a concern that I had. I live about 7 miles north of Aztec on the west side of the Animas River, on the first ridge northwest of Ruins Road (Road 2900). Enterprise manages a facility on the east of the Animas, near the Alien Run mountain biking trailhead. The facility has bright lighting for security reasons, and the lights were oriented outward from the facility. That made the facility the brightest object visible from my house, and it was kind of annoying when looking at stars or the moon.

I called the Farmington Enterprise office and talked with Mr. Farley, asking if there was any way that they could shield or redirect the lights to reduce the light projected off their site, and he said he’d get back to me soon. About a week later, Mr. Farley left me a phone message to let me know his crew had worked on the lights to re-orient them so they wouldn’t be shining as much off site. That night, the difference was obvious. The lights no longer shine outward to the west, but are directed towards the ground.

While New Mexico has a dark skies law, Enterprise wasn’t legally required to do anything, as the facility was built before the law went into effect, and the law “grandfathered” existing lighting. But he went out of his way, using valuable Enterprise staff time to take care of my concern. I assume his needs for facility security are still being met, and I’m enjoying my night sky more.

This was a great example of someone doing what they could to address a neighbor’s concern. Good neighbors try to get along, and Eddie Farley and Enterprise did just that.

Thanks again to Eddie Farley and Enterprise Products.

Gary Skiba, Aztec


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