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Your Help needed for Vietnam Veterans Project


March 23, 2018

Your Help needed for Vietnam Veterans Project

by J.R. Sykes, TALON

Over the past four years, community newspapers across the country have joined forces to support the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Faces Project. TALON joins in the effort today.

V.V.M.F. is the organization that built and maintains the Vietnam Veterans Wall in Washington. Several years ago, the V.V.M.F. started the “Faces Project,” which strives to obtain a photo of every service member killed or missing in action and listed on the Wall.

The photos collected are displayed on the V.V.M.F. website http://www.vvmf.org, by date of birth, and will also be displayed at the new V.V.M.F. Education Center to be constructed near the wall.

Many DOD records, along with vets photos were destroyed in a St. Louis fire in the 70’s. This means that newspapers are a very valuable source for these old photos. Newspapers have a unique ability to find photos of missing Vietnam veterans through their connections to local community.

We are requesting, if you have a photo of a Vietnam Veteran missing in action, or killed in action, please bring it to the TALON office. We will scan and archive the image and forward it to the V.V.M.F. group.

With your help, we can find the approximately four thousand missing photos and complete this section of our country’s history.

Stop by our office at 408 S. Park in Aztec, Tuesday - Saturday from 9 am and bring your veterans photo. Your original will be immediately returned.


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