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By J.R. Sykes



March 16, 2018

First off, my apology to our readers who were offended by the perspective depicted in The Local Take cartoon from last week.

I believe that a newspapers primary mission is capturing the first draft of local history, encouraging open dialogue on important topics, promoting the community into action, and being in service to community as watchdog over government. Modern life has added several dozen.

This doesn’t exclude cute kitty pictures, comic strips, puzzles, promoting your business, or publishing widely loved opinions. But those things are not the job.

When our family purchased TALON a few years ago, we did so on faith. Providing this important public service was a way we could give back to the community. A community can harvest deep benefits from its own news source and historian printing a permanent document. Communities without this service dry up.

If you would have asked me then, I would have said the odds of a school shooting in Aztec were remote. But, none of us get to choose history. Thank you for reading as we adapt.

Thank you also to the many readers of The Aztec Local News (TALON) who have written in to express themselves. We publish your thoughts to encourage the dialogue. It’s YOUR TALON newspaper, website, social media pages. I’m just taking care of it awhile.

Some good comments about the “The Local Take” cartoon from TALON 03.09.18 depicted training to shoot a bad guy while others run in panic. Our apology to anyone offended by this perspective. This cartoon got too close to home for some, but it is also relevant beause if we choose to arm teachers, (right or wrong) this is what a training could look like. It is NOT shallow humor, and does not express a political affiliation.

“The Local Take” cartoon is independently conceived, drawn, and written by Mr. Pudim without direction from TALON. A core of Mr. Pudim’s work is; Read the news each week and offer a perspective about a timely local news topic. Mr. Pudim’s opinion is his own, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of TALON, the staff, volunteers, or of TALON readers or advertisers.

Now to the other stuff.. What should we do about school violence? AHS’ 21 Steps is a wonderful start.

I feel this is is a more important topic than demo-publi-crat-ism. And, it must be tackled with deep, passionate, and honest community dialogue and action. This is a longer problem than recent memory may suggest.

It is NOT whether teachers or law enforcement are professional, or brave enough, or love kids. All these are evident in the choice of career. We must focus, what is the right thing to do next, and then next..

SNOWFLAKE ALERT... The following may offend!!!

For some youth normal today is ongoing unsupervised wild wild web access in their pocket, untreated mental health issues, violent video games as entertainment, and misshapen family lives and values.

This is not a simple issue. We must educate ourselves, log off and visit with neighbors, and have much more community input, much, much more. A good part of this will be plain uncomfortable, but I think we are up for it.

Make up your own mind and speak out everywhere. This is about our kids and their future. It deserves nothing less than our best team effort.

your editor and servant,

J.R. Sykes

About J.R. Sykes - Husband and father of two Aztec students, and your neighbor. A lifelong firearm owner, J.R. works as TALON editor, delivery boy, bottle washer, designer, etc., He has served as EMT first responder, producer, manufacturer, & is a 3rd Marine Corpsman -retired.


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