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By Lisa Bailey



March 16, 2018

Quilt it Ya Ya / Marys Alterations proprietor Mary Craig welcomes students to check out the prom dresses in aztec .PHOTO-L. Bailey, TALON

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. A young woman who longs to attend a ball and a fairy godmother makes it possible. A beautiful dress, a handsome prince and a magical evening. In San Juan County Mary Craig and her staff at Quilt It Ya! Ya! might be likened to fairy godmother/s as they help students prepare for local proms.

Cinderella Project is designed to ensure that anyone that wants to attend prom can do so without all of the expense. The donated dresses are collected at the Quilt It Ya! Ya! location at 201 S. Church Street in Aztec. They began this prom season with approximately 300 dresses. Mary feels blessed to be able to be instrumental in this project, her new location offered the perfect storage space for the dresses and she hopes to transform the dressing area to mirror a boutique setting. She shares that it brings her joy to help the girls find that special dress.

If someone is in need of a prom dress or has dresses to donate feel free to stop by the location or call 505.334.7490 or 505.334.9566. Cinderella project is not a 501C3 so donations are not tax deductible but appreciated by Mary's Quilt It Ya! Ya! staff and San Juan County youth.


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