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By Lisa Bailey



March 16, 2018

By Lisa Bailey, TALON

Students across our nation organized to walk out of their classes on March 14 as a protest against gun violence. Aztec High School (AHS) principal Dr. Warren Hall shared how AHS students chose to participate and respond.

AHS administration promoted discussion with the Student Council and together they collaborated to develop a pro-active plan that did not involve the students leaving campus. Dr. Hall pointed out that, "The school cannot condone, sanction or excuse students walking off campus when the expectation is for them to be on campus engaged in learning". At the same time, AHS administration and faculty wanted to take this opportunity to teach the students how to effectively voice their opinions and promote social change.

Dr. Hall shared that he was proud of the student body when they chose instead to walk to the heart of the school, holding a brief flagpole assembly in the quad. The assembly honored the school's loss and recognized the on-going grief recovery. Additionally, students composed 21 positive actions a student can take to promote meaningful change. The number 21 is significant, representing 21 lost lives from school shootings at Aztec, Kentucky and Florida. These actions will also be integrated into the classroom by faculty. Similar actions are being adopted by Koogler Middle School.

21 positive actions for change:

By Student Council and AHS Administration

#1 Write your legislator(s) about an issue for which you have strong feelings.

#2 Blog about your issue in a clear, meaningful and positive way.

#3 Get involved with a campus club or organization and participate in service learning activities.

#4 Join a non-profit group to encourage positive action on a social issue globally or locally.

#5 Participate with a local charity that supports issues and causes you care about.

#6 Talk productively with your parents about where they stand on social issues and share your feelings.

#7 Speak with your school leaders and teachers about ideas for positive changes in our school.

#8 Listen to someone open mindedly, even if you disagree with their point of view. Try to find common ground.

#9 Have lunch with a group of students and discuss meaningful topics in lieu of gossiping.

#10 Make simple acts of kindness part of your daily routine.

#11 Donate items or your time to a local shelter that serves those in need.

#12 Invite someone to sit with you at lunch who doesn't seem to have any friends.

#13 Surprise a family in your neighborhood with a gift of food or another gesture of good-will.

#14 Smile and exchange friendly, upbeat greetings with each person you encounter.

#15 Write an inspiring note to a family member and hide it in their lunch box or backpack to find later.

#16 Make a positive comment on someone's social media account.

#17 Pick up trash that you didn't drop or arrange a clean-up day on your campus.

#18 Help your little brother or sister, or a struggling friend, with their homework.

#19 Walk up to your teachers and thank them for the work they do on your behalf.

#20 Make a new friend each month before the end of this school year.

#21 Vote when you turn 18, and encourage your friends and family to vote.


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