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By Susan Barnes
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Chinese Medicine


March 16, 2018

Chinese medicine is so very fascinating. There is so much out there and most people are unaware of why they say what they do. For example, when watching a trailer for a webinar, they were indicating that it would show the connection between the heart and the mind. This is very Chinese as the heart rules the brain.

All organs in the body work to support the heart. The heart is considered the “king”. It stores the spirit which refers to the brain’s function of mental activity and thought. An imbalance of the heart from a Chinese point of view is explained in Western medicine as a disturbance of the brain function.

From a Western anatomical connection, the heart, the brain, and the small intestine are connected in two ways. First, they each contain brain cells. Have you ever thought, “I have a gut feeling”? Or I feel this in my heart? Secondly, the small intestine manufactures and absorbs B vitamins. The brain and the heart are the biggest users of B vitamins.

When there is a lack of B vitamins available, the brain can fail to function and a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s may be given. If the heart is shorted B vitamins, beri beri develops. The Western world sees this as either a stroke or heart attack.

The shape of the heart creates a vortex which in Chinese terms would be called Qi, or in Hindi , Prana. In the Western world it is called God energy. When we meditate, pray, sing, or dance, we invigorate and energize this God energy.

We are all connected to this Universal energy. It is through this that all things are possible.

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Susan is a certified traditional Naturopath specializing in Chinese medicine, living in Belize, Central America.


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