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By Bonnie Adams
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The Artist Next Door

Richard Kynast


March 16, 2018

Growing up in the Arizona-Sonora desert taught Richard Kynast many things . . . a respect for the way nature cares for itself: a realization of both, the frailty and resiliency, of life. His landscapes reflect both these lessons, marked by a complicated simplicity.

"I have taken one perfect photo. It was when I was eight. It was of a single engine Cesna. My photography career since then has been in search of my second one.

I was late to move away from film – I enjoy the feel of it, the permanence of the image as you caught it. I found the too-perfect, too-bright photo shopped images wearying. Ultimately I found a way to marry both the old and the new by crossing a platinum process from the 1870's with digital technology by using scanned film for the image. As the expense of platinum became a barrier I began to use kallitypes (silver/iron based) and Cyanotypes (iron based) .

I love building prints. The 150 year-old processes I use bring together the elements that I enjoy most: photography, chemistry and mathematics. They narrow my focus to a very constricted set of actions, driving out other thought and concern."

When thinking about the role of the artist in today's world Richard states.

"A print must hold the hand of the artist, broadcast emotion, and transmit logic. An artist's work should point out what peace and joy exist in the world, wherever it can be found; the joy of a child watching a butterfly or the beauty of a crane in flight. The work of the artist should remove us from the jungle of our daily lives and take us through emotions that we enjoy.

I work to bring to life the beauty and joy of the world around me; to put life into how I feel about a subject. I love that some people enjoy my work, and my greatest accomplishment was when one old combat veteran told me 'your work gives me peace'."

Richard's work can be found at Feat of Clay Gallery in Aztec, NM. Come, find your peace.

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