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Harry Pawter & The Golden Spoon- by Martin Merianos


March 16, 2018

Martin Merianos’ “Harry Pawter and The Golden Spoon” is not just a spoof on the J.K. Rowling classic, but an entertaining anthology of recipes and and interesting collection of portraits taken by the author himself. From kitchen classics like Dragon Wings (chicken wings with an original seasoning selection) to quirky creations like Cheese Spells Sandwiches(a concoction combining unlikely ingredients Swiss cheese, apples and peanut butter), the recipes in this book promise to provide a fun filled cooking adventure and interesting dishes for your silliest occasions.

While the recipes are the main course, the illustrations and photographs make for whimsical, zany and original side dishes. If Merianos’ intention is to marry the joys of cooking and humor in this fanciful, light-hearted volume, he has hit the mark.

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