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TALON Editorial Comment on The Local Take:

First, my thanks to the many TALON readers who have expressed themselves on this difficult subject.

School shootings. Armed teachers. Hardened Schools. Gun legislation. To think, I really believed, that we’d never have to cover a school shooting in The Aztec Local News (TALON.) But, we don’t get to choose these things, and so TALON is doing our best. We appreciate the feedback.. These are deeply unpopular and important questions, and we will continue to cover both sides in a fair and balanced way.

“The Local Take” comic is independently concepted, drawn, and written by Mr. Pudim without direction from TALON. Mr. Pudim’s methodology is this; He reads the news each week and then offers a perspective on a prominent Aztec topic for TALON readers. Mr. Pudim’s opinion is not necessarily the opinion of TALON staff, or of TALON readers or advertisers.

As I understand it in the 3/9/18 Local Take Mr. Pudim is pointing out that, if we choose to arm teachers, this is what the training may look like. Different persons may draw different conclusions.

My personal opinion is supported by my experience which suggests Pudim’s comic is spot on. In a crisis,our “good guy” (teacher or otherwise) may be taking aim at a suspect (who is likely to be disguised to appear like everyone else,) while the innocent run in all directions. As a Marine trained expert marksman, this looks to me like a pretty tricky scenario that will require significant training, and may have a very low success rate. My conversations with law enforcement have supported this. This possibility is not relevant to anyone’s personal politics.

Everyone’s opinion is welcome in TALON. Want to be heard? Meet the minimum publication guidelines as published in TALON, and send your opinion to - [email protected] .

J.R. Sykes - About - J.R. Sykes is a retired first responder (Nationally Certified EMT), U.S. Marine Corpsman, gun owner and sportsman, Editor of TALON, and father of two Aztec students. I am your American neighbor.

I believe foremost among other duties, the job of a newspaper is capturing the first draft of the community history, focusing the electorate on important topics, and stirring up dialogue. This job doesn’t exclude printing kitty pictures or positions everyone agrees with, but it isn’t the job focus. This critical role in the democracy is performed by a dedicated group of largely volunteer citizens of wide views and backgrounds. Thank you for reading TALON.


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