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Positive News at SJ County Commission


The March 6, San Juan County Commission Meeting went quick and smooth, with minimal discussion or debate. An Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance opened the proceedings, followed by Lisa Gomez with the Indigent Hospital Claims Board and a review of claims---then approval of minutes from February 6.

The regular meeting began with the Consent Agenda: Approval of Resolution 17-18-37, Authorizing C;ity of Farmington Submittal of the FY2019 LDWI DETOX Grant Application; approval of County Operations mileage; County insurance and regular meeting minutes for February 20.

First 'New Business' presenter to the board was Laura Ann Crawford, Region Director for Presbyterian Medical Services, seeking renewal funding for the Sobering Center and Joint Intervention Program. She presented graphs and data which referenced a couple of successful case histories stories and one not so, but still hopeful. The commissioners unanimously approved continued funding for the program.

Amanda Evans, San Juan County Partnership, presented their Request to Serve as Fiscal Agent to Apply for the Community DWI Prevention Grant. Doug Echols, San Juan County Attorney, presented two issues: a Ratification of Intent to Amend the Fire Code and Request for Ratification for Notice to Amend the San Juan County Handbook. County Manager, Kim Carpenter, presented Consideration of Re-Certification of Boards and Committees. Approval was granted on all items.

Reports from department heads followed, with Jim Cox, Chief Financial Officer reporting on the latest credit rating for the county. Moody's assigned San Juan County a rating of AA-3, with AAA-1 being the best. AA-2 is the national average. Public Works Administrator, Fran Fillerup, reported on the newly- installed traffic light and one-directional traffic situation at the bridge on CR 5500.

Susan Hakanson, newly appointed Public Relations Manager for San Juan County, said, "Currently we are in the process of doing design work for that bridge. Replacement construction should-(if all goes according to plan) begin in 2019. The bridge, community-built, was deemed to be unsafe for the types of heavy vehicle usage, the inadequate guardrails, it's width and evidence of erosion underneath. Beginning Monday, March 5 a stoplight and one-way traffic timed to about a minute and a half cycle, depending on time of day, will stay in place until the bridge is replaced.

Regarding the upgraded Moody's bond rating for San Juan County, Ms. Hakanson, said, "The key is that when we do future projects it allows us to have our money go farther. We can borrow more money for less---basically saving on interest rate. People don't get their bond rating just for nothing. I think our Finance Director deserves some real kudos".


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