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Win Seats Across New Mexico


Tuesday, locals Victor Snover, Rosalyn Fry, and Mark Lewis swept the Aztec municipal election taking three of the three seats contested. Swearing in for Aztec Commissioner-Elects will be 6 pm, Monday at City Hall.

New Mexico Democrats also won municipal seats across New Mexico. Municipalities across the state held elections to elect mayors, city or town councilors and commissioners and other city posts.

"Each local community has the potential to utilize their unique strengths, but we must elect the right people for the job to make that happen. Our County Parties did a great job identifying candidates, getting more people to vote, and working to elect city officials who will work to build strong communities in every corner of our state," said Richard Ellenberg, Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. "These results would not have been possible without the commitment and hard work of volunteers throughout the state."

Municipal results statewide:


Nadia Sikes, City Commission District 2


Elva J. Flores, City Trustee

Javier Silva, City Trustee


George Mullen, City Council Ward 2

Terry Hill, City Council Ward 4


Rosalyn Fry, City Council District 2

Victor Snover, City Council District 4

Mark Lewis, City Council District 5


Lisa Anaya Flores, City Council Ward 1

Leo Estrada, City Council Ward 2 (2 year)

Collis Johnson, Municipal Judge


Jo Anne Roake, Mayor

Kevin Lucero, City Council District 1,

Lawlor Knight, City Council District 3


James Lynn Whitlock, City Trustee


Nora L. Barraza, Mayor


Judy Stubbs, City Council Ward 3

George Peterson, City Council Ward 4

Angela Moore, City Council Ward 5

Santa Fe

Alan Webber, Mayor

Signe Lindell, City Council District 1

Carol Romero-Wirth, City Council District 2

Roman Abeyta, City Council District 3

JoAnne Vigil Coppler, City Council District 4


Ravi Bhasker, Mayor

Gordon Hicks, City Council Ward 3

Sunland Park

Jessica Avila, City Council District 1

Lizette Salinas, Municipal Judge


Alexander Jeni "Bebe" Flores, Trustee

Janie Portillo, Trustee


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