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Delta Airlines & NRA


I understand that Delta Airlines has joined the growing list of corporations dropping support for the grand old NRA. In the shadow of our growing national heap of student bodies, thats probably the very least they can do.

And here’s a statistic to chew on: from 2014 to date 2,800 children in the US have been killed or injured in gun violence. source: gunviolencearchive.org

In a unremarkable public display of idiocy this week, Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor threatened Delta Airlines with withdrawal of tax breaks if Delta does not support the NRA. I lack appropriate words for this moral and ethical failure.

This is the same NRA which enjoys tax exempt status (estimated annual budget of $250 MILLION) as a sporting organization.

The same NRA which has worked to ensure that 18 year olds can legally purchase assault weapons. The very same type of assault weapons used on our school children. Yes, I said assault weapons.

Reality check: Unless your hunt includes human targets, these are NOT hunting tools, they are weapons. Weapons which are designed and intended for fast, automated, large scale killing, of humans.

The right for law abiding citizens to own firearms is a basic American value which I wholeheartedly support. That said, it just may be that our definition of the word “firearm” is due for an update.

As a parent with children in the schools, the damage is terrible. As a citizen and veteran I am concerned about civil rights in a democratic society.

At the end of day, I’m a dad first. Assault weapon rights, collector, buyer and seller, are much less important than our children’s lives. If our elected leaders will not lead, then lets elect new ones.

It is my earnest hope that, history will not judge our nation as cowards on this moment. This is the moment when it is time to defend our own.

J.R. Sykes


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