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The following are reported by the San Juan County Sheriffs Department. The people on this list have not had their day in court, and have not been convicted of the charges.

Cecilia Trujillo, 24, Probation Violation (Adult); Murder in the second degree - 2nd Degree Felony

Brian Lopez, 44, BMC - Drinking in public

Charmayne Yazzie, 28, Warrant Failure to appear; Pedestrians on roadways; BMC - resisting or obstructing an officer; Concealing Identity

Lloyd Alcon, 58, Battery against a household member - Misd; Resisting, evading or obstructing an officer (Resisting)

Kristi Baisley, 45, DWI

Raza Valencia, 39, Parole Violation (Adult); In State Fugitive; Battery (household member); Resisting, evading or obstructing an officer (Resisting)

Tryson Trujillo, 25, WXT-Failure to Appear; WXT-Failure to Appear; Aggravated battery against a household member (GBH w/Deadly Weapon) - 3rd Degree Felony


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