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Commission Meeting 2/27/2018


This 27th day of February, 2018, our Aztec City Commission met for a Land Use Hearing concerning both a site permit for Hillcorp Inc. and the proposition of a zoning reclassification for the North Main Overlay district.

Aztec Community Development Director, Steven Saavedra, spoke on behalf of Aztec City staff to present the issue of an application from Hillcorp to complete or modify an existing gas well. City staff found the application to be complete but took issue with the lack of a visual mitigation plan. Mr. Saavedra pointed out that it is the intent of the city to facilitate the development of oil and gas resources with the city while mitigating potential land use conflicts. Although it was made clear that there is no imminent development expected in this area, city staff would like to address the situation of visual mitigation of the well in order to leave the area open to any potential future development. In this case, the well is located out of view of most Aztec residences and so city staff have recommended screening stating that this particular well doesn’t require landscaping.

Keri Hutchins, a representative of Hillcorp, has asked the commission to wave the visual mitigation recommendation entirely. She pointed out that while there are well sites that benefit from landscaping and screening, this site is not an ideal candidate for this type of visual mitigation. Instead, Hutchins cited the well’s lack of visibility from town and the surrounding topography as reasons for the commission to wave visual mitigation recommendations completely.

After a period of consideration and discussion, the commission did vote in favor of waving visual mitigation for the well site and approving the Hillcorp application for modification of an existing well.

Next on the agenda was the city’s request to create an overlay district on top of the existing C1 zoning district. The “North Main Overlay” is meant to provide zoning for the development of a pedestrian based plaza, filled with public space and community gardens. The area is meant to promote safe, walkable space for the community while encouraging development along the perimeter. Business and landowners have think tanked different ways to best utilize this land but the North Main plan wants conditional use zoning. Development of this area is in the future but the item on the table this week eliminated certain conditional use requirements for offices in the O1 district and personal services in the C1 C2 district. To that the motion passed five to zero.


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