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Answer/s from Sheri Rogers, Candidate for City Commission, [email protected] 505-635-5249


February 23, 2018

Q. Within Aztec’s Commission-Manager Government, explain your understanding of the role of an Aztec City Commissioner.

A. An in-depth analysis of the Commission-Manager form of government is available on the New Mexico Municipal League (NMML) website, http://www.nmml.org, but here are some of the highlights. Aztec’s form of government is fairly unique in the state of New Mexico with most municipalities being the Mayor/Council form of government and only a few others being the Commission/Manager or Charter form of government. The Commission/Manager form is different in that the mayor, as well as mayor pro tem, is not elected but rather selected by the serving commissioners every two years when there is an election. The mayor serves as the legal and ceremonial head of the commission and votes on all issues. The mayor pro tem serves that role in the absence of the mayor and also votes on all issues. With the Mayor/Council form of government, the mayor (or mayor pro tem if acting in the capacity of mayor) only votes in the event of a tie. The five commissioners in Aztec are the governing body and therefore controls all finances and property, passes ordinances and resolutions, sets salaries, establishes and abolishes jobs, sets its own rules and procedures. Another difference between a council and a commission is that a commission does not have any say in the hiring and firing of employees. That is handled solely by the city manager and he is appointed/hired by the commission.


Q. Process of hiring a new city manager.

A. There are a variety of ways to hire a new city manager, but from recent events I have learned that the most logical way to me is to hire a consultant/agency with experience in finding talent for the position. They would already have a lot of the leg work done as far as qualifications, backgrounds, etc. There are also many ways in which that consultant/agency can assist depending on the requirements and needs of the city. The consultant is able to provide candidates from a pool of existing names nationwide and also publish statewide and locally to pull in any qualified “local” candidates. Those candidates are based on criteria provided to the consultant by the city. They can be interim, interim with potential for long term or for permanent long term. My personal choice would be an interim with the potential for long term just to make sure it’s a good fit in reality. Sometimes on paper it looks good but when measuring performance in person it’s not the same. This would allow staff, commission, the community and the candidate to work together for a while to ensure it’s a favorable relationship for all. The services provided can also include the wages to be paid by the consultant/agency until such time a decision is made to hire that person or not. This would save the city some time and effort in case it isn’t a favorable candidate. That may involve a fee larger than what is allowed without going out for quotes or to bid. The safest way is to go out for quotes in the event it ends up being over the $60,000 limit allowed by New Mexico state statute. I think everyone wants a candidate that intends to invest personally in our awesome little community and treats staff and the community like valued assets. Qualities like those of our previous city manager, Josh Ray.


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