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Answer/s from Mark E. Lewis, Candidate for City Commission, [email protected], (505) 330-6394


February 23, 2018

Q: What are your ideas for Aztecs economic diversification?

A: I believe the city should encourage diversification by working with existing economic development agencies in San Juan County. We already have a diverse mix of small businesses and light manufacturing in Aztec, and this should be highlighted and additional small businesses should be encouraged.This should also include tourism and businesses aimed at making the most of our great outdoor activities. Small business growth and tourism would help to diversify the city’s economy.


Q: With the closure of Four Corners Generating Station imminent, property taxes are predicted to increase dramatically. If elected what would you do to manage the burden on area residents?

A: While property taxes may indeed rise, the city’s influence on them is rather minimal. The lion’s share of property taxes goes to the schools and the county. The city does get a percentage of them, but in the past year, the amount was less than $700,000. The largest share of revenue comes from gross receipts tax. How much gross receipts tax the city can impose is limited by state law.


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