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Answer/s from Joel Barton, Candidate for City Commission, [email protected] 505-330-3788


February 23, 2018

Q: What are your ideas for Aztecs economic diversification? 

A: First, it is most important to keep up good relations with the current businesses that already exist and contribute to our local economy including small businesses (like farms and ranches) that access and contribute to our community. Next, while energy and tourism seem to be the two main factors that attract people to our area I think we need to look towards the development of small businesses that attract visitors to our community. Business incubators like the HUB or some kind of incentives for start-up businesses can be good for diversification. If I am elected I will seek out resources including the economic advisory board to ensure positive economic outcomes.


Q: With the closure of Four Corners Generating Station imminent, property taxes are predicted to increase dramatically. If elected what would you do to manage the burden on area residents?

A: If I am elected I would not seek to burden the citizens with any tax hikes or new taxes; speaking from personal experience it has become more difficult to maintain a standard of living over the years as prices have gone up and businesses that provide employment are being shut down or moved out of the area.


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