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February 23, 2018

Recently it has come to my attention that poachers out of Arizona are calling our businesses to “renew” their Aztec News website advertising. Our customers tend to believe this to be a call from TALON, but, TALON does not charge for our website ads. So this is a hoax.

Our investigation shows that the website in question does not even have news from Aztec NM. Instead relying on government links from Washington state to fill the web space.

If you are called by someone and presented an opportunity like this one, be warned.

At TALON, we believe our website and social ad feeds are a benefit that supporters get when they partner and commit to TALON. But, we give it for Free.

Do not be misled and waste your dollars for a no-traffic website, or publication when you could be in TALON & on our website for so little!

As we take this year to celebrate 25 years of publishing good local news in TALON, we would like to further thank our supporters, writers, and advertisers, as well as our volunteers.

Without you, the dream of community journalism could not be.

Thank you all,



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