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By Jacque Ritchie



February 23, 2018

Amanda Hatch of 550 Brewing shows off the custom pour station- Amanda says they usually have about eight flavors on tap daily.

The word on the street is the HUB is slated to close temporarily for repairs sometime in late March. As the constant TALON reader is no doubt aware, the HUB is our very own small business incubator designed to jump-start local entrepreneurs in developing and launching small business ventures. The repair/remodel is to bring the building up to code and in compliance with the American's with Disability's Act. "Since the city commission voted to go forward with the purchase (December, 2017) that makes it our responsibility to be in compliance...that means the doorways, hallways and restrooms have to be wheelchair accessible," Aztec Director of Economic Development Steve Saavadra listed necessary upgrades including wheelchair access ramp repair. Saavedra estimated the repairs will cost between $25,000 to as high as $50,000, the building will be closed for about five weeks. Saavadra explained that the age of the building (circa 1962) factors into estimated cost, "Anyone who has ever done work on an old building knows, there's always something you didn't expect." According to Saavedra, the architect and the prospective contractor are currently working together to make the project a success saying, "With a project like this, everybody has to be on the same page."

As for the HUB's three current tenants Saavedra said, "We have an open line of communication...we discussed what would happen (in the event of purchase)...so this is not a surprise by any means. They are all good with it, as far as I know." The HUB houses Aztec Chamber of Commerce, Untethered Ideas, and the 550 Brewery.

Since it's 2015 inception the facility has had both critics and supporters among the citizenry and commissioners alike. With a quarter of a million dollars and a lot of good intentions invested, Aztec is "in-it-to-win-it" with the HUB. The HUB sits on two lots on the corner of Church and Chuska and was recently purchased by the city from the Presbeterian Church for $135,000. The purchase price plus the ($116,000) balance of a $251,000 allocation, are to be used for repairs, marketing and operating costs. Monies were voted on, passed and duly designated from the cities Economic Development Fund and a loan from the General Utilities Fund.

The HUB has enjoyed some success, especially when it comes to the Paschall family '550 Brewery' venture. Like a fledgling rock & roll band the Paschall micro-brewery outgrew the garage and required a larger, centrally located venue to really shine. So on December 27, 2015 the 550 Brewery opened it's doors offering a laid-back atmosphere serving craft beer and locally sourced wine. According to pub owner Mike Paschall, the family is making arrangements to put all the business equipment in storage to make way for the construction, "Yeah, we knew this was coming for a while now. It's a good thing of course...Hey, we gotta to do what we gotta do." Paschall said, "We will definitely be open for St. Patty's. We are featuring a very nice Dry Irish Stout that should be really good for the holiday." The Gluttonous Pig food truck will be on hand for your corn beef and cabbage fix. Paschall invites everyone to come on down to 550 Brewery for a pint of St. Patrick's Day cheer.


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