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Answer/s from Mark E. Lewis, Candidate for City Commission, [email protected], (505) 330-6394


February 16, 2018

Q: What is your plan to return Reservoir 1 to service?

A: My understanding is Reservoir 1 was drained to allow for dredging and removing accumulated silt.

When I visited the reservoir, there was no sign this work is progressing, and while some silt was evident in the bottom, it is unclear whether the amount of silt justifies the need to remove the silt at this time.

I would urge the acting city manager and relevant employees to first determine the depth of the silt and either expedite the cleaning of the reservoir or if not crucial to its operation at this time, to begin refilling it.

Despite recent moisture, we have not escaped drought conditions which will undoubtedly worsen as warmer weather ensues.

City residents may face water shortages this year and leaving reservoir 1 out of service will only worsen the situation.


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