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Answer/s from Rosalyn Fry, Candidate for City Commission, [email protected] 505-334-2510


February 16, 2018

Answer/s from Rosalyn Fry, Candidate for City Commission, [email protected] 505-334-2510


A: Economic diversification is an issue for our entire region. It will be important to participate with representatives from the Four Corners area to discuss changes that can be of benefit to not only Aztec but the region. Meetings and conferences have been taking place and there has been Aztec representation. Continuing conversations must happen to solve this important issue. The final plans for the MRA will be ready in April. Those ideas outlined in the final report will be reviewed and considered for implementation. I am ready to attend meetings and conferences and talk to those with expertise on economic development and brainstorm concerning the economy of our area. We should do additional marketing for tourism to increase the number of visitors who stay and spend money in the region. I encourage every Aztec citizen to visit our Visitors Center and know the resources available to those who come to our beautiful Four Corners. We live in an incredibly geographically and culturally diverse area. Take advantage of the opportunities in and near Aztec. We should also have discussions about additional recreational activities and festivals that can draw visitors to our area.



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